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Welcome to the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce Photo Album on SmugMug! Here we can post our photo albums indefinitely without taking up so much space on our regular chamber website at http://www.hooverchamber.org. Feel free to look around all you like - you can copy photos to your own hard drive, or order directly off this site through SmugMug. We want to do all we can to make the Hoover Area Chamber better - we ARE "The Chamber of Business!"

To copy in high resolution, get the photo you want into the large photo on the right, move your cursor over the large photo, and when the "file folder image" appears from the right side, place your curser over it, left click, and it will allow you to save to your hard drive. Some of the photos on this website are provided by a professional photographer, however, and must be purchased - at reasonable rates - in order to get them.

Bill Powell, Executive Director
Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce
P. O. Box 36005
Hoover, AL 35236
(205) 988-5672